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24 March 2008 @ 08:02 pm
Cold Case fic: Allergic  
Title: Allergic
Author: Princess Kit Cat
Fandom: Cold Case
Rating: G
Character(s): General
Pairing: Lilly/Nick
Spoilers: Look Again
Warnings: None really
Prompt for fic101: #71 work (list 2)
Date: 23 March 2008
Disclaimer: Not mine, spraffed for a while.


Lilly approached Nick, using the back of her hand to gauge his temperature. “Mmm odd,” she remarked.

A mixture of curiosity and anger escaped Nick’s eyes. “What the hell, Rush?”

“I was just checking that you were feeling alright Vera,” Lilly stoically replied.

“I’m fine!” Nick snapped.

“Really Vera? Cause that’s not what I’ve been hearing.”

“Heard what? From who?”

Lilly chuckled. “The words Nick Vera and work used in the same sentence. Didn’t sound like the Nick Vera I’ve been working with for the last four years.”

Nick smirked at Lilly. “I do sometimes do more than palm off my cases on to you Rush.”

“Yeah, I heard.”

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