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06 June 2008 @ 06:15 pm
Title: Broken Records (Chapters 2 and 3)
Author: dk2022/saintlyficcies
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: R, just to be on the safe side
Character/Pairing: Snape, Hermione, will be Snape/Hermione
Spoilers: HBP, no DH (bits written pre book 7)
Warnings: Uhm... Overtones of sexy bits and Snape's unhealthy sexual appetite
Prompt number: 6. Envy and 11. Best

“If we are to be working together you will… No, that won’t be advisable… You are working under me…” Severus sighed. Addressing his mirror was no good; he would need to address the problem of the Know It All head on.

Hmm… Head on. No, it wouldn’t do to think of her like that. She would be his subordinate and as such inappropriate thoughts would be… “Inappropriate.”

Scowling, he turned from his mirror and went to his Office. Granger had it easy – she liked children, or at least liked forcing her knowledge down other peoples throats.




“Ugh.” How could he work under such conditions? When both Lord and Master were alive he had some peace but her? She’d drive him batty in half a term, if that. His mind, whilst highly trained and under his command, was an unreliable entity around womenfolk in general. Except with Bellatrix and Minerva. Bella was crazy and Minerva was Minerva.

Granger was different.

“Is,” he said aloud. “Is most certainly different.” And that one thought shook him to the core.


Hermione paced her floor. “I understand that I’ll be working under you but… No. No buts. Or ifs.” She glanced at her new bed. “Or any decent, raunchy sex until Christmas…” Sighing, she ran her hands carefully through her hair before leaving the safety of her rooms. Hermione Granger was going to face the Voice of the Dungeons. Somehow, each whispered syllable vibrated though the room, and through the bodies of all the female population, and even some of the manly man population. Severus Snape had a voice that could melt titanium, but he never put it to good use.

Blinking, Hermione pushed her feelings of lust to one side. He was lucky. Everyone expected him to be snarky and rude, but she had been employed to be the polite one. The good cop to his bad one. She’d be the one with masses of classes cancelled because of injury. Dread was her one companion as she knocked on Severus’ door.


There was a knock. “Damned girl… Woman… Ugh,” he muttered before allowing her entry.

“Good afternoon Professor,” she greeted politely.

“Good afternoon Miss Granger,” he replied, equally polite. “I assume you’re here to discuss your new profession. Please, take a seat.”

Smiling, Hermione gathered her wits and sat by his desk. “I am. Minerva took my lack of histrionics as acceptance.”

“To do well in this school Miss Granger, you must stay out of eye contact.” Nodding, she listened intently as he continued. “These are the syllabi for the first to third years. You are to take control of these lessons…”

A few hours later and neither party felt completely at ease but a tentative pact had been formed. Hermione would follow his rules but could deviate slightly, if needed. He would teach one lesson each month, mostly to make sure that the pupils were up to speed.

“Oh, and one more this Miss Granger; do not teach the little blighters in the second year the Polyjuice Potion. Brewing the antidote is time consuming.”

Blushing, she left. Lucky wanker.


Arching, their chests pushed together as he thrust into her willing flesh. He had been loving and patient, kissing her all over, every inch of her skin blessed and on fire. She almost fell to pieces when he flicked her clit with that wondrous tongue of his.

“Come for me Hermione,” he whispered as their friction made the room black out.

Blinking, Hermione gasped as she sat up; sweat lightly covering her skin, making any material feel heavy against her. Trying to control her breathing, she laid herself back down, attempting (without much success) to banish the image of her and her soon to be head of department.

“The sex might very well be amazing, but I need to look Professor Snape in the eye.” Happy she had given herself enough of a telling off at that late hour, Hermione went back to sleep.