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24 March 2008 @ 08:03 pm
Cold Case fic: Give Him Hell Boss  
Title: Give Him Hell Bosss
Author: Princess Kit Cat
Fandom: Cold Case
Rating: PG
Character(s): General
Pairing: Lilly/Nick
Spoilers: Look Again
Warnings: some swearing, nothing too bad
Prompt for fic101: #6 unhappy (list 2)
Date: 22 March 2008
Disclaimer: Not mine, spraffed for a while.


“Rush, wait up,” Nick shouted breathlessly.

Lilly looked back for a beat. “What?”

“Boss tells me you’re unhappy about something I did.”

“I’m fine Vera.”

“You sure?” Nick queried.

“Alright Vera, I’m pissed at you because your lazy and sloppy,” Lilly bitched.

Nick waited a moment before responding. “Lazy and sloppy, Rush?”

“Yeah, I’ve been on since midnight, got a triple and now I’ve also got a cold job that boss asked you to look into.”

“So asking for a lady detective makes me lazy does it?” Nick probed.

“Yeah it does,” Lilly sarcastically replied.

“I’ll show you Rush, I’ll show you,” Nick warned.

“Okay Vera, work with Lass and solve my triple for me.”

“Easy!” Nick declared.

“It’s funny how you’re saying that before you’ve even canvassed the neighborhood Vera.”

“Alight Rush, I shouldn’t have palmed the cold job off on ya but that’s no reason for you and the boss to give me hell.”

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