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31 May 2008 @ 09:03 pm
The Senses, Chapter 2: Tea Time  
Title: The Senses, Chapter 2: Tea Time
Author: dk2022/saintlyficcies
Fandom: Harry Potter (yaay!)
Rating: PG
Character/Pairing: Snape, Ron, will be Snape/Hermione by the end
Spoilers: Up to, and including, Half-Blood Prince (no DH)
Warnings: A nod to slash and pro-choice. Oh, and slightly naughty language (just wait until Harry comes along! :D)
Prompt Number: 30. Taste

“Auror Weasley, please explain to me why you wished to meet me in this… establishment,” Severus Snape ordered, his eyes darting around the décor of the room. Madame Puddifoot’s hadn’t changed since the last time he had entered – twenty five years ago.

“You need to help me.” Ron, in his usual Gryffindor brashness, just came straight out with it.

Severus took a sip of his Earl Grey. “Really, Weasley? I tried to do that in your third year to which you and your colleagues repaid me by knocking me out.”

“Sir, this is important, more important than anything else. Hermione need to be saved.”

Severus eyed Ron warily. “She does not.”

“Yes she does!” Ron exploded, causing couples at near tables to look up at the two men. “Madame Puddifoot’s just isn’t the same,” one customer muttered. Ron coughed. “Yes, she does,” he repeated quieter.

“And how does she need saving?” Severus asked, sneering.

Ron flushed slightly.

“No! I will not make you an abortive potion. You two were responsible to do the act now--”

“I’m gay.”

Severus stopped mid-tirade about the sanctity of life, the universe, and everything in it. “Excuse me?”

“I’m gay,” Ron repeated.

“And that concerns me how?”

“Last night, as I was progressively getting drunker, I had an epiphany.”

“You can use such words?”

“And I realised,” Ron continued, as if he hadn’t heard Snape insult him, “that you would be perfect for her. You’re smart and… uh… And smart, and you almost live together anyway so --”

“Weasley, are you suggesting that I pursue a relationship with a colleague?” Severus asked, slightly horrified.

“Not any colleague, just Hermione!” Ron argued, as if just Hermione was a logical answer.

“And what does Professor Granger think of this proposition?”

“She thinks I’ve gone mad,” Ron admitted, staring into the delicately patterned china cup.

Severus sneered, “I can see why.”

“No, not because of whom I suggested but why I suggested it in the first place.”

“Do I wish to know how you suggested this enterprise?” he drawled.

“I said that we needed to save the hole between her legs,” he whispered, like the child he once was.

Severus blinked. Ron hadn’t realised that he had rendered his old Potions Master, the bat in the dungeon, speechless.

“I want her to remember the joy of sex and if it’s with you, well, so be it.”

“So be it?” Snape roared, making several of the tea room’s patrons’ gasp, even making one faint. “Bloody poofters,” one man muttered to his fiancée.

“No, not so be it!” Ron placated. “Ugh, I can’t speak today. Look,” he carried on as Severus sat down, “if Hermione asks, can you please go out with her… Or just shag her? She fancies the pants off of you, I can tell. Just shag her.”

Severus rolled his eyes; little did Ron know...

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