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06 June 2008 @ 06:44 pm
Title: The Shed
Author: dk2022/saintlyficcies
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: G
Character/Pairing: Narcissa, Snape/Hermione
Spoilers: None
Warnings: Angst, Voldermort in control. Angst.
Prompt number: 78. Shed

A tall forbidding form loomed in the open door way. Her hair, a dirty blonde, fell past her shoulder blades, casting a silhouette of fallen angel, alone in the world without a pair of wings.

"Hush Hermione, we have to be quiet. Come this way, quickly."

"Severus? Where are you going?" Narcissa whispered softly to herself. Severus had been spending a lot of time down here, but why? Venturing further she caught a whiff of perfume, one that did not belong to her.

"Severus, we've forgotten..."

"No time. We have to leave now if we wish to live, and love each other, freely and in our own manner. I love you, but..." Sighing, the clattering began anew. "We must leave... Through the back door, now."

As soon as she thought it was safe, Narcissa entered the room, a glorified, underground shed, now barren of Severus, her husband to be. "Why does everyman I fall into arranged marriage with seem to leave me?" Lucius, her true love, had died protecting their son. Draco was then killed by the youngest of the Weasley traitors. The Dark Lord had triumphed, however... No-one could really tell why they followed him. Each notion he made was enforced by Death Eaters, barely hiding their ire. Many now wished they were languishing in Azkaban, away from the hell they had created when they agreed to bow to him.

All that remained of Severus Snape was a letter, addressed to her in his familiar scrawl. The letter explained very little, except that she was not to follow him. Narcissa destroyed the letter, as easily as he had destroyed her everything. Ascending the stairs, she dried her eyes and straightened her back. She was a Malfoy, she would survive this indignity.


As they walked through the dank, deserted woods, Severus swore he could hear something. “Be quiet Hermione.” He surveyed the dark trees, looking for anything out of the ordinary. “We’re almost out of here. Quickly,” he whispered.

In the moonlight, out of the anti-Apparition bounds, Severus took in the surroundings. “Are you ready Hermione?” he asked, grasping her hand.


A crack and they were never seen again.