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18 July 2008 @ 12:27 am
Cold Case fic: It Should Have Been You And Me  
Title It Should Have Been You And Me
Author Princess Kit Cat
Fandom Cold Case
Rating G
Character General
Pairing Nick/Megan
Spoilers Ravaged
Warnings none really
Prompt for fic101 #72 - different (list 2)
Date 17 July 2008
Disclaimer Not mine, spraffed for a while
Summary Back in the days


“We should head off,” Nick said, breaking the now awkward silence between him and Megan.

“Hm.” Megan sighed. “Nicky do you ever…” she trailed off.

“Do I ever what?”

“Ever think about how our lives would have been different had we got together in high school.”

“Yeah I do. I sometimes think about calling you, I’ve about it a lot more because my marriage is going to hell.”

Megan smiled softly at Nick. “I guess we’ve always had a connection.”

“You know something Megan, I never stopped loving you. Not once and I will never stop loving you.”

“Neither did I,” Megan admitted, leaning in for nostalgic kiss. She hesitated when the strong beam of a flash light shone through the windscreen like a floodlight. “Great!” Nick scowled when he saw who has interrupted him and Megan.