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Welcome to fic101.


*Pick A List. There are currently three (3) to choose from.

*Pick a fandom. (Including Real Person Fic (RPF), Books, Movies and Television shows)

*Join the community AND POST A COMMENT. Please include the following:
1. pen name
2. Fandom
3. Character or pairing
4. List number

Name: venom69
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Pairing: Sam/Jack
List Number: 1

*Do not post anything until you have received the approval of the mod. (A few days at the most!) You will NOT have posting access until you leave a comment stating your chosen fandom & list number.

*Start writing! Any length is acceptable.

Posting Rules

*All stories MUST contain the following header ABOVE the cut:
Prompt Number

(Spoilers because not everyone in this community will be from North America. And warnings apply for things such as slash, incest, and what not.)

*Word prompt MUST appear in the story at some point.

*A Beta reader is SO TOTALLY your friend. At the very least, USE THE SPELL CHECKER!

*Cross-overs are more than acceptable, they are encouraged. You don't need to sign up for a cross over in order to write one, though it is encouraged.

*RATINGS! Cannot stress this enough. YOU MUST RATE YOUR FICS!! Not everyone in this community is legal or wants to read your smut. Any rating system is fine as long as everyone can figure it out.


When posting to the community, your fics MUST have the following tags.

1 – Your pen name. (e.g. venom69)
2 – Your fandom and pairing. (e.g. stargatesg1:sam/jack)

Your tags should look like this:

venom69, stargatesg1:sam/jack

A Couple of Notes

* Feed back is important an encouraged. Even if you just drop a "good", that's fine. Constructive criticism is better. FLAMING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!

* Plagiarism will NOT be tolerated under ANY circumstances. Immediate banning will take place when plagiarism is discovered.

* There is no limit on how many people can pick one fandom/pairing/character/etc.

* There is no time limit to completing this but you should post at least once a month, just so we know that you’re getting there.

* Most importantly, this is supposed to be fun.

* Perhaps even more importantly, there’s a pretty banner in it for you when you’ve written 101 fics. Do a bum dance when you’re done!

Your Friendly Mod,